Welcome To HP State Forest Development Corporation Ltd.
Towards Sustainable Forest Management
Himachal Pradesh State Forest Development Corporation Limited
an undertaking of the HP Govt. came into existence on 25th of March
1974. This corporation deals with the Marketing of mainly Timber Fuel
wood, pulpwood, bamboo, khair, rosin, turpentine oil, subsidary products
( viz. phenyl, varnish, black japan ). read more

The open auctions for sale of Coniferous and Broad Leaved timber in various HSDs..... -Dates of Auction  
-Terms & Conditions



For the sale of Chil /Coniferous /Bansu fuel wood /Pulpwood, Charcoal, Bansu Keri, Broad leaved, logs/timber, Khair wood, Drift wood, Bamboo bundles etc lying at various road side


-Dates of Auction- Central Depot Nurpur               

-Dates of Auction- Dir (South)



The open auctions for sale of Govt. coniferous timber at Kanlog Depot, Shimla ... click here


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