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Himachal Pradesh State Forest Development Corporation Limited
an undertaking of the HP Govt. came into existence on 25th of March 1974. This corporation deals with the Marketing of mainly Timber Fuel wood, pulpwood, bamboo, khair, rosin, turpentine oil, subsidiary products ( viz. phenyl, varnish, black japan ). read more






Auction Notice

Subject to availability, open auction for the sale of timber (Hakkries & Dimdimas logs only), Pulpwood /Fuel wood /Bamboo bundles lying at various RSDs will be held at 11.00 AM at the following venues on the dates mentioned against each as under:

Venue of Auction

Detail of forest produce

Lying at RSDs under FWD

Jan/ 2018

Feb/ 2018

March/ 2018

April/ 2018

May/ 2018

June/ 2018

O/O D.M.,  FWD Shimla

Pulpwood/ Fuelwood/ Timber (Hakkries, Dimdimas )


Shimla/ Rampur/ Chopal/ Sawra.


29 23 21 23 22 25

O/O D.M.,  FWD Solan


Pulpwood/ Fuelwood/ Bamboos/ Timber (Hakkries, Dimdimas)


Solan/ Nahan

24 26 27 27 28 27

Note: If any of the above date(s) is a holiday, next working day shall be taken as  date.                                         

For further details, please contact the concerned Divisional Manager or log on to

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