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Timber tender of felling conversion conditions

Felling Conversion of timber carriage upto RSD 


1.1              Only the Contractor(s)/Labour Supply Mate(s) duly registered with the H.P. State Forest Corporation Ltd; will be allowed to offer tenders/bids. Classification of Contractor(s)/Labour Supply Mate(s) and maximum limit of work shall be as under: - 

Classification of Contractor(s)/Labour Supply Mate(s)

Value of Work up to which                 Labour Supply Mate(s) participation in tender/Auction is allowed.


   Above  Rs. 10 Lacs


   Upto    Rs. 10 Lacs


  Upto    Rs. 6 Lacs


  Upto    Rs. 3 Lacs


1.2              The Contractor(s)/Labour Supply Mate(s) is/are required to register himself/themselves under the Labour Contract Act, 1970 and HP Contract Labour (Regulation & abolition) Rules-1974 from the Labour Officer before participating in the tender and shall produce the same before/ at the time of tender. 

1.3              The Contractor(s)/Labour Supply Mate(s) is/are required to obtain license under the Labour Contract Act, 1970 & Inter State Migrant workmen (Regulation of Employment & Conditions of Services Act, 1997 from the Labour Officer before participating in the tender & shall produce the same before/at the time of tender. 

2                    No telegraphic, conditional and tenders other than on tender forms purchased from concerned office of HPSFC will be accepted. 

3                    No objection regarding procedure, time of receiving of tender etc. will   be entertained after opening of tender.

4                    Other things being equal, preference in allotment of work will be given to bonafide residents of HP particularly residents belonging to or near the area of work in question. 

5                    The details of lots name of work, Earnest Money deposit, Date of completion of work, for which tenders are invited, is/are annexed (Annexure- A). 

6                    Each tender should be accompanied by the earnest money as shown in Annexure-A. Tenders not accompanied by the EMD shall not be considered. 

7                     It is presumed that the Contractor(s)/Labour Supply Mate(s) has/have seen the work site and carriage lead etc. before submitting the tender in his/their own interest. 

8                    The tender should be submitted personally or through a duly authorized representative or by Registered AD cover with the words “TENDER FOR EXTRACTION OF FOREST PRODUCE TO BE OPENED ON__________ AT _______AM/PM”. Clearly and boldly super-scribed on the top left hand corner of the envelope and addressed to. 

Director/ Divisional Manager,

H.P. State Forest Corporation Ltd;

Directorate/ Forest Working Division, 

         Directorate/Forest Working Division, so as to reach the undersigned not later than _____AM/PM. on _____ (Date). The tenders shall be opened by the undersigned or an officer authorized by him at _______ AM/PM on the same day in presence of the tenders who wish to be present. No. tenderers shall be accepted after the said date & time whatever be the circumstances for delay. 

9                    (If necessary) after opening the tenders, negotiation will be done with the lowest tenderer for brining down rates for the execution of work. 

10                The offer contained in the tender/auction shall remain open for 45 days from the date of opening of tender. 

11                The HPSFC reserves the rights to accept or reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason therefor. In case tender rejected the Earnest Money received shall be returned without any extra claim. 

12                The successful tenderer(s) will abide by the executive instructions of the Divisional Manager and his authorized subordinates. 

13                The successful tender(s) will be required to sign the Agreement Deed for the work allotted to him/them on sanction of his/their tender/bid within fifteen days of acceptance of the offer and only thereafter he/they will be allowed to start work. If he/they fails to sign the agreement deed within fifteen days or resile from the offer given in the tender/auction, the earnest money/security amount will be forfeited allotment will be treated as cancelled and he/they shall not be eligible to participate in re-tender for the same lot/work. 

14.       The earnest money deposited by successful tenderer will be converted   into security. The security will be 10% of the value of the contract or the EMD whichever is higher. In case the amount of EMD is short of the security, the balance amount will be deducted from the work bills of the successful tenderer(s), so as to complete the security amount of 10%. The security will be released only after satisfactory completions of the work and released only after  deduction there from the amount, if any, due to the Corporation. 

15.       The successful tenderer will not be entitled to sublet the work/transfer his/their rights and liabilities. 

16.       The successful tenderer(s) will himself arrange for the Labour, tools, go down and accommodation etc., at his own cost and the HP State Forest Corporation Ltd; will have nothing to do with such arrangements. 

17.   The Contractor(s)/Labour Supply Mate(s) shall furnish to the Divisional Manager a written statement of the name and full particulars of his/their agent/servants/labourers whom he/they propose to employ before they are so employed on the work and Divisional Manager shall be at liberty to forbid the deployment or to order removal during the progress of work of any person whom he may consider undesirable. 

18.   The labour supply mate(s) will maintain roll call register to mark daily attendance of the labour force present on the works and would produce same on demand to the Divisional Manager or the official in-charge of the works. 

19.   The Contractor(s)/Labour Supply Mate(s) shall strictly adhere to the statutory act like inter state Migrant Workmen (Regulation of Employment and conditions of service) Act, 1997 and Contract Labour (Regulation and abolition Act, 1970) shall maintain necessary records including a register of contract labour employed by him/them in Form No. 30. 

20.   Additional work, during the currency of contract period, in the same lot, if allowed will be worked by the successful tenderer{s) at the rate(s) already determined. 

21.   The felling of trees will be done in such a way not as not to cause damage to other trees and vegetation in the forests. Penalties on account of any damage to the existing vegetation, if avoidable, will have to be borne by the Labour Supply Mates.

     21A      Felling should be done so that trees fall uphill. Penalty for felling other than uphill shall be recovered @ Rs. 100 per tree.


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